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Helm Tool owns a climate-controlled, state-of-the-art 94,000 square foot facility in Schaumburg, IL. Co-located with Helm Tool is Intermolding Technology, providing in-house mold tryout, prototypes, early sampling and production, as well as high-volume production. Learn more about Intermolding Technology here.

94,000 Square Feet Dedicated to Your Success!

Helm Tool is located in a modern, expansive facility, conveniently located in Schaumburg, Illinois. We develop your ideas and visions into market-ready products. We handle all key manufacturing steps to make precision tools in house. From start to finish, the entire process can be completed from within the walls of our company. Our 30 employees are highly skilled mold manufacturing professionals who are continuously honing their skills with the latest technology in the industry. Here are a few images from our facility:

State Of the Art Technology!

  • CNC Work Centers
  • CNC Lathes and Turning
  • EDM (Sinker & Wire)
  • Grinding (Surface, I.D., and O.D.)
  • High Speed Machining Centers
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Welding (incl. Laser Welding)
  • Auxiliary Equipment, Inspection and Gaging, Software, etc., and Material Handling Equipment

CNC Work Centers:

  • 1x Hermle Model C50 5-axis vertical machining center
  • 1x DMG Model DMU210P 5-axis vertical machining center
  • 1x DMG Model DMU200P 5-axis vertical machining center
  • 1x DMG Model DMU125P 5-axis vertical machining center
  • 1x DMG Model DMU65 5-axis vertical machining center
  • 1x DMG Model DMU60 evo 5-axis vertical machining center with Erowa robot
  • 1x DMG/Mori DV5100 3-axis vertical machining center
  • 1x Hamai 6VA CNC 3-axis vertical mill
  • 1x Hamai 3VS CNC 3-axis vertical mill

CNC Lathes & Turning:

  • 1x Mori Seiki NLX2500SY/700 CNC 6-axis lathe
  • 1x Mori Seiki NLX4000 CNC lathe

EDM (Sinker & Wire):

  • 1x Agie / Charmilles FORM P 900 EDM sinker
  • 1x Charmilles ROBOFORM 41 EDM sinker
  • 1x Agie / Charmilles CUT P 800 Wire EDM
  • 1x Charmilles ROBOFIL 510 wire EDM
  • 1x Charmilles ROBOFIL 310 wire EDM
  • 1x Current CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine (Hole Popper)

Grinding Equipment:

  • 1x Okamoto OGM820UDX ID/OD cylindrical grinder
  • 1x Chevelier FSG-5080DC surface grinder
  • 1x Okamoto ACC24.40CA surface grinder
  • 1x Okamoto ACC20.24DX surface grinder
  •  1x Elb Smart BL10 surface grinder
  • 8x Okamoto, Mitsui 6 x 12 surface grinders
  • 1x Rotary grinding table (OD and ID grinding capability)
  • 1x Deadtru grinder

Welding Equipment (including Laser Welding):

  • 1x O.R. Laser HTS-300 laser welding system
  • 1x Miller Tig welding system
  • 1x Oxyacetylene cutting and welding equipment

High Speed Machining Centers:

  • 1x Röders Model RXP801 high speed machining center
  • 1x Röders Model RXP800 high speed machining center
  • 1x Röders Model RP800 high speed machining center
  • 3x Röders Model RFM600 high speed machining centers
  • 1x Röders Model RFM1000S high speed machining center
  • 1x Makino V33i high-speed mill high speed machining center
  • 1x Makino V55 high-speed mill high speed machining center

Water Jet Cutting:

  • 1x Flow I-4800 4-axis CNC water jet machining center

Inspection Equipment:

  • 1x Mitutoyo BH-706 CMM
  • 1x Mitutoyo PH-3500 profile projector
  • 1x Mitutoyo Microscope Model TM-505
  • 1x Millutensil BV32EG spotting press
  • Misc. inspection gages & equipment

Computer Software

  • Solidworks Solid Modeling
  • Delcam’s Powermill 3D tool path CAM systems
  • Delcam’s Powershape 3D modeling software
  • Mastercam Cam system
  • Anvil 5000 programming & design systems
  • Teksoft Cad/Cam system

Auxiliary Equipment:

  • 1x Eldorado-Miroku MEG-800 gundrilling machine (.150-1.0” holes, max. depth 32” & weight capacity of 2200 lbs)
  • 4x tool room mills (power feed and readouts)
  • 1x 13 inch engine lathe
  • 1x radial drill press
  • 1x Marvel Series 8 Mark II cutoff saw
  • 1x Clausing drill press
  • 4x Fork Lifts (up to 10,000 lbs capacity)
  • 1x Hydraulic scissor lift 
  • 1x 5 and 3 ton hoist with trolley and gantry system
  • Formlabs Form2 3D printer
  • Overhead cranes and lifting capabilities throughout up to 30-ton capacity

The key ingredients to our success are:


We develop innovative tools that are custom designed to offer our customers the best and most economical solutions. Name it! We will excel at it!


We have been working with cutting-edge technology since the beginnings of Helm Tool. Being an early adopter of the latest technologies is part of the core of our philosophy.


Helmut Mueller's roots in German machine building and engineering has fostered quality product craftsmanship resulting in our customer's satisfaction.


Our long time staff has had extensive experience and training and exhibits great pride in their work and are ready to assist customers.

Helm Tool Company, Inc.
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